Town twinning

Town Twinning

In the 1950s, the French Foreign Minister Robert Schumann and the West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, supported by the Italian stateman Alcide de Gasperi, were particularly emphatic advocates of the European concept of reconciliation, friendship and unity. It is thanks to them that the Treaty of Rome was signed in 1958 to found a European Community. It was also with the aim of a united Europe, supported by the best endeavours of even the smallest centres of the state system, that a large number of international city twinning partnerships have been established over the past decades.

The aim of these many partnerships was not only exchanges on a political and administration level. The primary objective was rather to include the population as a whole in this work of rapprochement and peace.

A multitude of reciprocal visits between people of all age groups has resulted in friendly relations, forged within the framework of the town twinning partnerships, being maintained and expanded for the well-being of all the citizens and the community.

The Town of Oberursel (Taunus) maintains the following partnerships:

since 16 May 1964                          Epinay-sur-Seine (France)

since 12 December 1971               Wester-Koggenland/Ursem (Netherlands)

since 07 October 1989                   Rushmoor (Great Britain)

since 04 June 2004                          Lomonossow (Russland)

In recognition of its efforts, the Town of Oberursel (Taunus) was awarded the European flag on 20.05.1989.


The City of Oberursel (Taunus) maintains the following partner-ships:


Epinay-sur-Seine (France)

since 16 May 1964

Rushmoor (Great Britain)

since 07 October 1989


Lomonossow (Russland)

since 04 June 2004

In recognition of its efforts, the City of Oberursel (Taunus) was awarded the European flag on 20.05.1989.

These partnerships are carried by contacts and friendships of the Oberursel citizens and associations. The city of Oberursel (Taunus) promotes the existing partnership relations by granting funding for the exchange of pupils and other groups.


VFOS Twinning Association

Chairman: Helmut Egler

Adenauerallee 8

61440 Oberursel

+49 6171 54905

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