Unique residential area

Oberstedten A special place for living

Oberstedten, the suburb between Bad Homburg and Oberursel, surrounded by the Taunus forests and agricultural meadows and fields, offers a bit more quality of life in its diversity.

The connection by bus to Bad Homburg and Oberursel as well as the direct route to the Taunus and to Frankfurt is a special feature of this special location for living. The constant demand for living space and the development of the industrial estate are a real sign of the times. Oberstedten is home to retail, trade and crafts as well as traditional gastronomy and a diverse club life. Fast food and bowling have recently been added to the range. With this variety of leisure activities there is always something for young and old. The highlight for the "Stedters" every year in July is the three-day street festival in the heart of Oberstedten.

In addition to a new primary school and a new kindergarten, Oberstedten also distinguishes itself in child, youth and senior care through its clubs and church institutions.

The future in Oberstedten lies in cultivating tradition and dealing with constant change, so that in 2030 many Oberstedten citizens will still be able to give convincing answers to the question: "Where do you live?

 "In Oberstedten!





Brief history

  • 817 - first mentioning "Stedti"

    Oberstedten was first mentioned in writing in the year 780 in a deed of gift of the Fulda Convent. In the early Middle Ages, Oberstedten formed the valley settlement of Stedten together with Mittelstedten and Niederstedten (both extinct).

  • 30 Years War

    In the 15th to 17th Centuries, Oberstedten was plagued by the chaos of war, plundering and epidemic disease. Before the Thirty Years War there were 21 households, i.e. approx. 300 inhabitants. Due to the war and the plague prevailing in 1635 this number dropped to 35 people. In 1745 there were again 336 inhabitants living here.

    From 1706-15 the protestant church was rebuilt. The schoolhouse, erected in 1691/93, was sold and a new building was opened in 1827, which was extended in 1901 by reconstruction of the rear building (school barn). From 1966 to 1972 the school building served as the town hall.

  • 1911 - Jewish convalescent home

    In 1911 a Jewish convalescent home was built which was the object of riots during the era of national socialism. Since 1956 this building has accommodated the present specialist academy for health food shops.

  • 1973 - Incorporation

    Under the threat of compulsory incorporation of the community into Oberursel (Taunus) within the framework of the land reform of the state of Hesse, Oberstedten decided to begin incorporation negotiations with the cities of Oberursel (Taunus) and Bad Homburg v.d.Höhe. The decision finally went in favour of Oberursel. The border amendment contract came into effect on 01.04.1973.