Oberursel is the ideal starting point for walks and hikes. Most hiking trails start from the Hohemark ‘hiking’ car park (where the U3 underground line terminates).

The Mill Hiking Trail (Mühlenwanderweg) and the Celtic Hiking Trail (Keltenrundwanderweg) have been signposted with information boards by our local history club.

The Altenhöfe, Forellengut, Hünerberg, Empress Friedrich and Laubwald & Heide circular hiking trails are hiking tips from local experts.

The Taunusklub 1878 Oberursel e. V. has signposted three local nature trails with a total length of 28 km as R1, R2 and R3. Starting and end points are easily reached by public transport.

Enjoy your hikes through the Taunus!

Celtic Hiking Trail

The Heidetränk Oppidum was situated on the northern edge of the Celtic cultural region and was one of the largest Late Celtic centres in present-day Hessen. Finds from smaller settlements on the Altenhöfe and Goldgrube hillsides go back to the 5th and 3rd centuries BC. The expansion to a single large settlement took place in the 2nd century BC. A mighty ring wall united the settlements into a single "town" covering around 130 hectares.

On the archaeological circular hiking trail on the Goldgrube hillside you will discover a major part of the largest prehistoric land monument in Hessen. Over a distance of about 4.3km, the path leads you past the most prominent sites of the former Celtic settlement. You need about two hours for the trail. 

Follow the circular hiking trail with the help of the trail’s symbol that is signposted at all of the trail crossings. The symbol shows the stylized head of a Celt on a locally minted coin, the so-called "Nauheimer Quinar". 

The visible remains of the settlement’s ring wall – the wall, the gates and settlement areas – are explained on 16 information boards in German, English and French as well as in a series of reconstructions and ‘experience stations’.

You will find an extensive collection of finds from Celtic ring wall settlements in the Hochtaunus area in the Vortaunusmuseum in the centre of Oberursel. Visitors gain an impression of life in a Celtic town through different themed sections. 

Further information (in German):