Foreigners council

Foreigners council in Oberursel since 1993

The Foreigners' Advisory Council represents the interests of the foreign residents of the municipality.

On the basis of the Hessian municipal regulations, which stipulate that towns and municipalities with 1000 or more foreign residents must set up a foreigners' advisory council, a foreigners' advisory council was first set up in Oberursel in 1993.
The Foreigners' Advisory Council was re-elected on 14.03.2021 for an election period of 5 years.   

The magistrate must inform the Foreigners' Advisory Council in good time about all matters whose knowledge is necessary for the fulfilment of its tasks. The Foreigners' Advisory Council has a right of proposal in all matters concerning foreign residents. Furthermore, the Foreigners' Advisory Council is entitled to be heard during the deliberations of the committees.

  • Right of application | Right of proposal for the Advisory Council of Foreigners of the City of Oberursel

    On 24 July 2014, the city councillors of the city of Oberursel unanimously decided to grant the foreigners advisory board of Oberursel the right of proposal / right of application in the form of an adaptation of the rules of procedure of the city of Oberursel.

    The Rules of Procedure of the City Council - § 26 - were amended accordingly.

  • § 26 of the Rules of Procedure of the City Council

    (1) The Advisory Council for Foreigners may submit proposals to the City Council in all matters concerning foreign residents. The proposals of the Council of Foreigners shall be forwarded to the Magistrate for comment and shall be submitted to the City Council for decision with a resolution proposal of the responsible committee. The chairman of the Foreigners' Advisory Council or a member appointed by him or her shall have the right to represent the proposal orally at the meeting of the City Council.

    (2) The City Assembly and the competent committee shall hear the Foreigners' Advisory Council orally on items on the agenda which affect the interests of the foreign residents. If the Foreigners' Advisory Council intends to comment on an agenda item in the City Assembly, it shall inform the Head of the City Assembly in good time before the meeting.

    (3) The Chairman of the Foreigners' Advisory Council or a member of the Foreigners' Advisory Council appointed by him or her to represent the foreigners may participate in non-public meetings of the City Council or of a committee if these are agenda items relating to the affairs of foreign residents.

    (4) The chairperson of the Foreigners' Advisory Council shall present an annual report at the first meeting of the City Assembly of the calendar year, unless the budget is to be adopted at this meeting. Then the reporting shall be postponed accordingly. The report shall be submitted in written form to the city councillors together with the invitation to the meeting. The reporting obligation should be limited to the last year and should also contain information on the proof of the financial means of the Foreigners' Advisory Council. The report may be accompanied by a pronunciation. The report can be referred to the expert committees for further discussion."

branch office

To support the work of the Foreigners' Advisory Council, an office has been set up in the Town Hall.

Please make an appointment.

Thomas Eifert

Geschäftsführung Ausländerbeirat

+49 6171 502-174

+49 6171 502-7151

contact person Office of the Committees:

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  • Meetings

    The meetings of the Foreigners' Advisory Council are open to the public. The invitation and agenda for the meetings of the Foreigners' Advisory Council can be found under the menu item  >> Kommunale Bürgerinfo <<  

The advisory board for foreigners in Oberursel (Taunus) consists of 9 members.

  • Chairman and Members


    • Dr. Franz Zenker


    • Chantal Le Nestour
      Ljucija Zenker
      Jianna Kalargali
      Puja Nasseri
      Natalia Bind
      Urszula Wojewoda-Scherer
      Elza Eiser-London
      Meral Köktas