local advisory councils

Six local advisory councils 


Local Advisory Council Bommersheim

Local Advisory Council Oberursel-Mitte

Local Advisory Council Oberursel-Nord

In Oberursel there are six local advisory boards. The citizens of the districts elect their local advisory council every five years in the local elections.

The members of the local advisory board work on an honorary basis. 
The local advisory boards play a mediating role between the population in the local districts and the town council. Their task is to deal with the concerns of the inhabitants "on the spot".
In principle, they must be heard by the City Council or the Magistrate on all questions concerning the local district, especially before the city budget is adopted.

The local councils, in turn, have the right to submit proposals on all local matters to the City Assembly and the Magistrate.

As a rule, the local advisory councils meet on a monthly basis. Their meetings are open to the public and begin with a question time during which the residents can address their problems, wishes and suggestions directly to the members of the local advisory council.

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