(Technical) committees on defined fields of activity

The city council cannot deal with the multitude of problems alone in its monthly meetings, as it takes numerous decisions every year.
Each of these resolutions includes a bill that can consist of a parliamentary group motion or a magistrate bill. The budget, which is adopted annually, sets out the key fiscal data for the coming year.

In order to be able to properly process this large number of proposals, the City Council forms
(Technical) committees on defined areas of work in which city councillors carry out the parliamentary "preparatory work".
The number of committees and their responsibilities are determined by the City Council. It also determines how many members belong to the committees. Only a finance committee must be established in each case due to legal regulations.

The composition of the committees reflects the majority situation in the city council. This means that the parliamentary groups are represented there in the same proportion of strength as in the city council assembly. The committees elect a member for the chair and his deputy. Committee meetings are generally open to the public, with the exception of confidential matters.

The chairman of the city council assigns all documents for which he is responsible to the committee for discussion. After the bills have been discussed, a vote takes place in the specialist committees. This vote is at the same time a recommendation for the city council assembly to decide as well. The City Council finally votes on this recommendation and thus makes the final decision.

However, the City Assembly may also delegate certain tasks to a committee for final decision. Important matters are excluded from this,
e.g. elections or the enactment of statutes.

In Oberursel, the city council formed three committees for the election period 2021/2026:

  • Social, Education and Culture Committee | SBKA

    The Social, Education and Culture Committee - SBKA - advises and decides, among other things, on matters and concerns in the following areas:

    •     Social affairs
    •     education
    •     integration
    •     culture
    •     sports
    •     town twinnings
  • Construction and Environment Committee | BUA

    The Building and Environment Committee - BUA - advises and decides on matters and concerns in the following areas, among others:

    •     Construction
    •     intercourse
    •     Environment
  • Main and Finance Committee | HFA

    The Main and Finance Committee - HFA - advises and decides, among other things, on matters and concerns in the following areas:

    •     Finance
    •     right
    •     fire brigade
    •     organization

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