City council

The city council and its members

The city council (municipal representation) is the supreme decision-making and decision-making body of the city of Oberursel. Depending on the number of inhabitants, it consists of 45 members, the town councillors, who work in an honorary capacity.

In the municipal elections these are elected by the citizens of Oberursel for a period of 5 years.

  • Tasks of the City Assembly

    The city council has a number of tasks. These include, but are not limited to

    •   Election of the magistrate - with the exception of the mayor
    •   supervising the administration of the municipality and the management of the magistrate
    •   Establishment of the budget
    •   Basic specifications for urban development planning and urban land-use planning
    •  Resolutions on municipal law, on statutes for the use of public facilities and on fee regulations

    She makes a large number of individual decisions about important things in municipal life.

    The approx 10 meetings per year are public and are chaired by the chairman of the city council, the chairman of the city council. The decisions of the City Assembly are prepared in the deliberations of the specialist committees.

  • Council of Elders

    The Council of Elders shall deliberate on the internal affairs of the City Assembly, in particular on its working methods, the work plan and timetable, the seating arrangements and the clarification of questions of doubt affecting the Rules of Procedure.

    It prepares the meetings of the City Assembly and discusses the appropriate handling of the agenda items of the City Assembly.

    Furthermore, there is the possibility, for example, of clarifying questions on the agenda items at short notice by exchanging information between the parliamentary group chairmen and the representatives of the municipal authorities or of informing the other parliamentary groups about urgent matters and amendments to the city ordinance meeting.

Graphic representation of the distribution of seats in the city council:


  • Members of the StVV, dates, invitations etc.

    Information about

    •   Political groups and group chairmen,
    •   Members of the City Council by faction,
    •   meeting dates and
    •   Invitations and agendas to the meetings of
      the committees
    • (City Assembly, Committees, Local/Advisory Councils)

    can be obtained via   >> Kommunale Bürgerinfo << 

  • Members of the Council of Elders

    The Council of Elders consists of the Head of the City Council and his deputies (one member per parliamentary group), one member each of the parliamentary groups represented in the City Council and non-attached City Councillors.

    The mayor also attends the meeting.

    The mayor chairs the meetings.

  • Cycle of meetings of the bodies

    The City Assembly usually meets once a month on Thursdays in the Oberursel Town Hall, large conference hall
    Start of session 19:30 hrs

    The Council of Elders

    • on Thursdays in the week before the meeting week of the City Assembly at 18:00 hrs, and
    • on the day of the city council meeting from 18:45 - 19:15.

    These meetings are not open to the public.

    Meetings of the Committees

    The members receive special invitations.

    The public committee meetings begin at 18:00 hours. If, in individual cases, a deviation from the schedule is to be made, this must be agreed between the committee chairman and the head of the city council.

  • Download calendar of meetings 2021