Information for women (and men)

Information for women (and men)


Home is not a safe place for everyone, especially in the current Corona crisis time. Families and partnerships are exposed to particular pressures and are in an exceptional situation, for example due to existential fears, home office, home schooling or limited childcare.

In this exceptional situation, conflicts and domestic violence can occur more frequently. It is not so easy for those affected to find out about local offers of help, especially at this time. Neighbours, friends and family members are also unsure who to turn to. This makes it all the more important that those affected and their environment are publicly informed about local offers of help at this time.

Therefore the "Hochtaunuskreis - Intervention - Project - against domestic violence" (HIP) has developed the poster campaign "Stop Domestic Violence" especially for the Hochtaunuskreis with local help and support offers. Especially during this time, those affected must not be left alone. For this reason we ask for broad support by presenting this poster in a highly visible way.

Please support this campaign. There are opportunities for help in the Hochtaunuskreis.

If you have any questions, please contact Frauen helfen Frauen - HTK e.V.: 06171/51768.


Many thanks! 

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