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Die Seniorenbeauftragte

The Senior Citizens' Representative

The Senior Citizens' Representative advises on issues relating to ageing, outpatient and in-patient healthcare and preventive measures.

In addition, she coordinates various networks in the field of open and caring work for senior citizens, provides information about institutions, specialist advice centres and initiatives, and mediates between the various contact points.

Furthermore, the Senior Citizens' Representative represents the interests of the older generation vis-à-vis the administration and committees and in urban development and transport planning appropriate for senior citizens.

  • Information and brochures from the Senior Citizens' Representative

    You can obtain information and brochures from the Senior Citizens' Representative, such as:  

  • Senior citizens' guide of the city of Oberursel (Taunus)

    The city of Oberursel (Taunus) has published a guide for senior citizens in cooperation with mediaprint infoverlag gmbh. This is also available in the town hall and can be found in many places.

    On 46 pages, the brochure provides senior citizens and their relatives with information about life in old age and names the most important contact persons.

    It presents activities in old age in the areas of sport, education and culture, meeting places such as the municipal senior citizens' meeting places as well as numerous senior citizens' afternoons and groups of the parishes, welfare associations, clubs and opportunities for civic involvement, e.g. via the city's civic involvement network or INTERAKTIV Generationen füreinander e.V.

    The brochure provides information about the work of the Senior Citizens' Representative as a contact and mediation partner for all senior citizens and their relatives in Oberursel.

    Contact persons for disabled people, pension advice, basic provision in old age, disabled persons' ID card, provision for the future and much more are mentioned as well as providers and contact persons around the topic of care, e.g. nursing services, day care, domestic help, meals on wheels, home emergency call, nursing homes as well as hospice and outpatient hospice and palliative services in Oberursel and Steinbach.

    In accordance with the support programme "Local Alliance for People with Dementia" of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth from 2014 to 2016, the brochure also lists contact persons on the subject of dementia in Oberursel and the Hochtaunuskreis.

  • Information and brochures at the Hochtaunuskreis

    The following brochures can be downloaded as pdf files from the  Homepage of the Hochtaunuskreises:

    • Dementia Guide
    • Senior citizens' guide "Getting older in the Hochtaunuskreis"

    Furthermore you can find information on the homepage of the Hochtaunuskreis about:

3000 EURO from the Heinz-Jörg and Monika Platzek foundation for children and elderly people


"We'll get you on your way"

Thanks to generous financial support of 3000,00 € from the "Heinz-Jörg und Monika Platzek Stiftung Kinder- und Altenhilfe", the city of Oberursel (Taunus) started a new project called "We will get you on the road" in autumn 2019. 



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Flyer of the Senior Citizens' Representative


Flyer on violence against older people


Flyer "Network Care Oberursel"


Dementia guide Hochtaunuskreis


Senior citizens' guide Oberursel