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Mobile youth counselling and addiction aid

Mobile youth counselling and addiction aid

Help with youth-specific problems and addiction issues

A counselling centre is rarely the first port of call when young people are under stress with their parents, friends and at school, or when they themselves or people they know develop addiction problems. Young people then need competent listeners and support. For this reason, a "mobile counselling" joint concept has been developed by the Centre for Youth Counselling and Addiction Assistance for the Hochtaunuskreis and the cities of Bad Homburg, Oberursel, Kronberg and Friedrichsdorf.

These "mobile counsellors" are not only contact persons for adolescents and young adults, but also for all others who are interested in the topic of "addiction".

The prevention work and leisure activities on offer focus neither on the addictive substance nor on youth-specific problems. Rather, in line with current scientific standards, young people are supported with their skills, their self-confidence is strengthened and alternatives to consumption behaviour are dealt with. 

Café ZugVogel


One of the best-known offers of the Mobile Counselling Service is the Café ZugVogel, which always makes a stop in Oberursel's Adenauerallee in the summer.

The street café, in the form of a brightly painted construction wagon, offers something for everyone: a drug-free room with a colourful mix of non-alcoholic drinks and lots of fun with the ZugVogel team and the wide range of leisure activities on offer: graffiti, board games, box climbing, comic drawing, etc.

The help of the young people is also needed every year. Anyone who has ideas for next year can get in touch with us now. We are looking forward to active support!

Mobile Counselling Oberursel

  • Mobile Counselling Oberursel offers

    The mobile counselling services are free of charge and the counsellor is under a duty of confidentiality so that everything can be discussed.

    • Outreach work in Café Portstraße 
    • Consultations 
    • Seminars and information events for school classes, youth groups and clubs 
    • Parents' evenings 
    • Expert advice and multiplier training 
    • Prevention projects and leisure activities
  • Mobile Counsellor

    Since April 2014, Stephanie Kobel, a graduate in political science, has been working as a mobile counsellor in Oberursel.

    You can meet her:

    • Every Wednesday and Thursday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the café portstrasse Oberursel, Hohemarkstrasse, in order to establish contacts and, if necessary, offer counselling sessions.
    • Advice for young people and their relatives can be arranged by telephone (0178 5347884) in the upstairs advice room in the café portstrasse.
    • Thursdays in the second long break at the IGS Stierstadt, afterwards (12-13 o'clock) there is also an open consultation hour. It is also possible to use this during lesson-time. In this case the Mobile Counsellor will issue certificates as long as it is really a consultation.
    • E-Mail:


Further information is available from the Centre for Youth Counselling and Addiction Assistance for the Hochtaunuskreis:

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Louisenstraße 9

61348 Bad Homburg v.d.Höhe

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