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View of the Taunus
View of the Taunus
Deciduous Forest close to Altenhöfe
Deciduous Forest close to Altenhöfe

There are numerous sports and recreation facilities in Oberursel to choose from. Here you can work on your fitness and spend your free time in relaxing surroundings at the same time.

Oberursel is the ideal starting point to explore the Taunus nature reserve on your own. On the circular hiking trails and romantic paths and in the magnificent forests you can enjoy the nature that surrounds you or engage in your favourite sports. The finest hiking trails in Oberursel are very well signed and often have information boards along the way.

Oberursel has an outdoor swimming pool and several tennis courts.

The sports clubs in Oberursel offer a wide variety of individual and team sports programmes for all walks of life ... plus an opportunity to make new friends.

Oberursel is an ideal place for winter sports, too. Get involved !


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21. 09. 2017

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