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Education & Culture

Inside the Stadthalle
Inside the Stadthalle
Veranstaltungen in der Stadthalle
Theatre in the Park
Theatre in the Park

Bluebox Portstrasse

Die Bluebox Portstrasse spricht mit ihrem Programm-Kino nicht nur Jugendliche an.
Besonderer Tipp:

  • Das Frühstückskino (1x monatlich - sonntags 11:30 Uhr)
  • Kinderkino Zauberkugel (1x monatlich - freitags 15:00 Uhr)


Bluebox Portstrasse

Altstadt-Info (Flyer, pdf)

Link zum Altstadtinfo
Link zum Altstadtinfo


With 18 schools, Oberursel is the most outstanding school location in Hochtaunuskreis. In addition, among others, there is the technical college for social education, the Lutheran academy of theology, and the metal work technical college of Hessen.

Stadthalle, Conference and Cultural Centre

The Oberursel Stadthalle is the main venue for cultural events in our town. There are concerts, musicals, theatre plays, comedy performances or bazaars every week.

Local Theatre in Oberursel

Finest theatre for heart tugging moments, compassionate storytelling, enthralling tales and overall enjoyment ...

First class pieces, well-known actors and top-quality ensembles allow the audience at Stadttheater Oberursel to not only be bystanders and spectators, but to be part of the show. At least emotionally, you can’t avoid the magic of the show- simmer, dream, suffer, yearn, and rejoice with the characters on the stage.

On these enchanting nights, you can also take part in their fortune and take home with you your experience packed full with humor, irony, tragedy, and strangeness.

You can get subscriptions and tickets in the office of the vhs Hochtaunus Füllerstraβe 1, Oberursel, Telephone 06171 5848.

    Theatre in the Park

    All year, the theatre in the park lures many people to the open-air stage in our town. This year afresh in the park of the Hohe Mark clinic, plays will run for a month between July and August every weekend from 8pm.

    Das Programm der letzten Jahre:
    2005 - Carl Zuckmayer's "Fröhlicher Weinberg" (Cheerful vineyard)
    2006 - the comedy "Tartuffe" by Jean-Baptiste Molière
    2007 - the ensemble "In 80 Tagen um die Welt" von Jules Verne (Around the World in 80 Days)
    2008 - "Das kleine Teehaus" by John Patrick (The Small Teahouse)
    2009 - the comedy "Die Irren von Valencia" by Felix Lope Vega (The Lunatic from Valencia)
    2010 - "Der Datterich" by Ernst-Elias Niebergall
    2011 feierte der "Datterich" celebrated its comeback on Hessentag!
    2012 - the "Jedermann 2012"
    2013 - Shakespeares comedy "Wie es euch gefällt" (As You Like It)
    2014 - "Charleys Tante" by Brandon Thomas (Charley's Aunt)
    2015 - "Der Raub der Sabinerinnen" by Franz und Paul von Schönthan

    Theatre in the Courtyard

    Small but classy: the Theater im Hof of the Apple Wine Tavern "Alt Orschel" am Marktplatz. This Event also lures many visitors.


    Infos zum Ehrenamt

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