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The Parts of Town

Just like Oberursel, Bommersheim, Oberstedten, Stierstadt and Weißkirchen, which used to be independent villages and are now parts of Oberursel, have their own eventful histories and colourful present. All have retained their individual centres and preserved their charming rural characters. There are bakeries and supermarkets for your everyday needs and good restaurants in every part of town. 


Bommersheim is closest to the centre of town and has its own U train stop. The Burgwiesenhalle can be rented for all kinds of events.


Oberstedten is the part of town farthest north. It is easily accessible by bus from the Oberursel Bahnhof/station. The Taunushalle in Oberstedten has ample space and is perfect for all kinds of events.


There are quite a few beautiful old half-timbered farmers' houses in the centre of Stierstadt. Stierstadt is easily accessible from Frankfurt by S train.


Weißkirchen is the most southern part of town and easily accessible by U train. The popular Hessian Apple Wine & Fruit Tree Meadows Route (Apfelwein & Obstwiesenroute) passes right through Weißkirchen. This scenic route links a variety of apple wine related facilities, such as excellent apple wine presses.


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