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History of Oberursel

History along the Ursel Brook

Ursel Brook
Ursel Brook

The Ursel Brook: It gave Oberursel its name and used to be the town's source of life. Even today, it flows pleasantly through town. The origin of the word "Ursella", from which both the town and the brook derive their names, goes back 2000 years in time to early settlements.

During the Middle Ages, Oberursel's culture and economy flourished thanks to the weavers, cloth makers and cloth traders, relying on the brook for water and power. Then again, during the time of the Industrial Revolution, the numerous mills along the Ursel Brook were the basis of the town's wealth.

Today Oberursel benefits from its privileged location on the slopes of the Taunus Mountains, its easy connections and access to the greater Rhine-Main-Area and the entrepreneurial spirit of its population .... and the banks of the Ursel Brook are just perfect for recreation.

Further Information

Engraving of Ursella
Engraving of Ursella by Merian

Famous Engraving by Merian Dating from the 16th Century


Historic Oberursel
Für Geschichtsinteressierte bietet sich ein hervorragender Einstieg in bestimmte Aspekte der Oberurseler Lokal-Geschichte auf der Homepage des Vereins für Geschichte und Heimatkunde e.V.
Verein für Geschichte und Heimatkunde Oberursel e.V.
Link to the website of our local history club


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