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"Oberursel - Life. Quality. Future."

Dear Visitors,

We would like to welcome you to our website and are very pleased that you have come here to learn more about our beautiful town in the Taunus.

On this website, we want you to find what you need to know and what you would like to know about Oberursel. Oberursel is a vibrant town that has a lot to offer and where life is pleasant. In our town you find first-class schools and cultural events. There are also lots of sport, leisure and recreation activities for people of all ages. 

Oberursel's motto - Life. Quality. Future. - along with the goals we have established - describes what we care most about in our town.  

The content of this website is divided into three sections: Oberursel, Town Life and Tourism. The three sections are again split into three sub-sections. For your convenience, we have introduced a colour system to help you navigate this website:
Home > blue | Oberursel > red | Stadtleben/Town Life > yellow | Tourismus/Tourism > green.

Quite a few pages are also available in English, especially in the Tourism, Culture and Recreation sections.

Please click on the British flag icon to access the information in English. If the flag icon appears greyish, there is - unfortunately - no English translation available at the moments.



Altlastensanierung - Aktuelle Projektplanung und -information | Stand Juli 2015

Altlastensanierung Eppsteiner Straße

Aktuelle Dokumente, z.B. Sachstandsberichte, Dokumentation der Bohr- und Umbauarbeiten, Anschreiben zur Information der Anwohner, Präsentation im Bau- und Umweltausschuss sowie Infos zum Sanierungsverlauf und weitere ausführliche Informationen zum Thema Altlastensanierung in der Eppsteiner Straße finden Sie in der Rubrik Stadtleben|Oberursel|Altlastensanierung.

Das Informationsbüro zur Bodensanierung in der Eppsteiner Straße (Eppsteiner Straße  11) ist in den Sommerferien nicht besetzt. Die Sprechstunden werden in der Zeit vom 30. Juli bis 3. September 2015 im Rathaus, 3. OG, Zimmer 320, während der Öffnungszeiten (Mo - Do 8:00-12:00 Uhr und Do 14:00-18:00 Uhr) fortgeführt.

Stadtwerke Oberursel (Taunus) - aktuelle Baustellen

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Stadtwerke Oberursel - Wir bauen für Sie


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